Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where and How can I register for the training?

You have three options to get registered

  1. You can register online through our registration portal on our website elebatsolution.com
  2. You can dial @ 6061 or +251115622422 and get register or
  3. You may physically visit our Office @ Dembel City center, 8th floor thru lift no. 6
  4. Where is the training Place?

Training venue will be at Dembel city center 8th floor thru lift no. 6

  1. What are the alternative training programs?
Schedule1 : Monday  – Wednesday – Friday 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Schedule 2 : Tuesday & Thursday  6:00pm – 8:00pm Saturday 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Schedule 3 : Saturday 2:00pm – 4:00pm and Sunday 9:00am -5:00pm
  1. Is the program the same for all levels?

Yes, the training at all level will be delivered with the same scheduling system.

  1. Can I choose the convenient program or are you assigning me?

Priority will be given to the trainee’s interest, however, for some forcible conditions programs assignment will be made by the trainer with prior notice to the trainee.

  1. Do you have day time program on working days?

Currently, we don’t have day time program. But, we can entertain groups who can arrange themselves with such schedule.

  1. Can I Register for any level or should I start from level I?

We recommend trainees to start over the first level. However, in order to accommodate such requests, we provide an entry assessment for those who got the demand. Anyone who can pass the entry assessment can take any level of the training.

  1. When can I get entry assessments for Level II and Level III?

We will arrange the exam schedule and you will be notified once you get registered.

  1. When will the first batch starts the training?

The first DFS self-sponsored trainees training will start on September 16/2019

  1. Do you have any discount packages?

Yes, we have:

  • Group trainees discount
  • Early bird discount
  • Regions large group training at home town
  1. How much is the discount for each package?
Group trainees discount For a minimum of 5 people 10 % discount
Early bird discount: for registering before August 30 10 % discount
Regions large group training at home town 10 % discount
  1. How can I make payments?

Currently, we are accepting payments in cash since you should collect training materials while you finalize your payment.

  1. Is there any option that I can make payments twice or more?

No, payments shall be dealt once.

  1. Do you arrange trainings outside Addis?

Yes, we can provide training out of Addis if a group of trainees numbered 25 and above can arrange themselves for a training.

  1. How long can it take to finish each level?
Level I : 8 hrs
Level II : 16 hrs
Level III : 60 hrs
  1. What are the Certification formalities?

Registration only cannot guarantee for Award of certificate.

  • 95% and above training attendance.
  • Passing the given assessment for that particular level
  • Finalize all the required payment are mandatory
  1. What are the certification levels?
Level I : Certificate of Participation based on Evaluation
Level II : Certificate of Participation based on Evaluation
Level III : Certified certification on DFS
  1. Is it licensed training center?

Yes, it is licensed from the pertinent concerned organ of the government on the sector.

  1. Am I the first to take the training?

No, we have trained over 2000 Bankers and other professionals from various banks (over 11) and Micro finance institutions as well as cooperatives.