Consultancy & Research









Women Empowerment

We are positively impacting the effort of women empowerment by delivering a hand on solution through our consultancy and research package indicating how to empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community.


Agriculture Value Chain

Elebat provides consultancy services for cooperatives predominately in the Agriculture value chain to ensure operation and financial sustainability through creating technology led internal competency. To this end, Elebat will

  • Conduct extensive need assessments
  • Craft commercially feasible and operationally sustainable business cases.
  • Enhance the efficiency of horizontal and vertical integrations.


Cash Transfer Program/Social Payment

Elebat will provide the appropriate technology led business and operation solutions , enabling cash transfer programs to realize the desired effectiveness and efficiency. We will play a major role in the following key areas.

  • Conducting market research towards market based interventions cash transfer programs
  • Conducting researches on beneficiaries of cash based interventions, pertinent technology and financial service providers
  • Mapping Financial/Technology Service Providers through crafting Engagement/Partnership modalities with all stakeholders
  • Crafting a Checklist of selection criteria along with a well-structured Terms of Reference for acquiring Technology


Program Monitoring and Evaluation

Elebat provides Monitoring and Evaluation interventions for various programs. Our main role encompasses

  • Conducting Baseline surveys
  • Conducting M&E assessments
  • Undertaking Midterm and End stage evaluation assessments