DFS Enabler



Operationalizing Agency Banking

So as to create a commercially viable agency banking service , webuild and activate digital payment and agency banking service points (Agent Network Development and management), as well as enables financial institutions particularly banks in driving volume of transaction and resource mobilization.  Elebat plays a significant role in establishing a robust Agent network through employing scientific and GIS based approaches to identify, plot , onboard, train and activate Agents while building business cases for financial institutions, Agents and the end user.

To this end, Elebat is currently working with United Bank to recruit and onboard agents for the Bank’s Agency Banking services while increasing the number of activated agents of the Bank and customers of those agents which are believed to make the Bank’s service more efficient.

Elebat Digital Payment

Elebat engaging with various public, private and development partners to enable customers  acquisitions ,customer enrolment and digital payments processing through its agent network/service delivery outlet across Ethiopia that are selected through a GIS based  method to serve targeted customer at reach.

DFS Consultancy Service

Elebat provides DFS consultancy services and implementation support for Banks and Microfinance institutes through accelerating the financial institution’s effort towards implementing a successful and commercially viable Agency Banking while providing internal readiness.  Elebat creates a seamless integration across the organizations regarding Agency Banking and creating operational readiness,  developing GO-TO market strategies, consulting on Branch-led Vs Outsourced Agency Banking Execution strategic Approach, documenting assessment findings as well as preparing Agent Network development and Management Operation Manuals.