Company Profile

Elebat Solution is a Digital Financial Service ENABLER, Integrated Rural Digital Services Delivery Network ACCELERATOR, Telecom Services distributor and center of Consultancy & Training excellence in the sector. The company envisages ultimately to contribute for the economic development of the country by bringing impact on access to finance, rural cooperatives development, women empowerment, better livelihood, better agriculture productivity and rural ICT expansion.

Elebat is leveraging its capacity , specialization ,innovation and platforms including DFS, Member Management Platform (MMP), operational excellence solution (OPEX Solution), R&D, Geographical Information System (GIS), Cooperative Operation system (COS) and VAS (Values Added Services)towards attaining the desired goal of the company.

Our company; always enthused by its motto “Next comes first”; endeavors towards attaining the ultimate goal of our partners by pursuing result oriented approaches and strategies. We aim at demonstrating the power of operationalization vis-à-vis digital finance as well as telecom product/service distribution by being the catalyst for all stakeholders and enabling success and scale.



Enable and drive excellence in building integrated national digital service points network that accelerate inclusive financial, agricultural, commercial and developmental services.


To become major enabler, driver and center of excellence in the country in building technology led innovative and integrated service delivery points network that provide coalesce services including digital financial services, digital agriculture, digital commerce, electronic social & developmental services and distributing telecom products at proximity of the society through attaining business feasibility and operational excellence.