Company Profile

Elebat Solution is an accelerator and operator of digital finance & e-commerce aimed at fostering access through enabling rural and urban youth, SMEs and households. Our company; always enthused by its motto “Next comes first”; endeavors towards attaining the ultimate goal of our customers & partners by pursuing result oriented approaches and strategies. We aim at demonstrating the power of operationalization vis-à-vis digital finance by being the catalyst for key stakeholders towards enabling success and scale.



Making Transactions handy!


To accelerate and drive e-commerce as well as financial services digital operation; so everyone can:- conveniently access – find relevant and -diversified digital transactions.

In 5 years acquire 3.5m regular customers in Ethiopia that perform minimum 2 transaction per month

In 10 years be present in 10 African countries & acquire 15m regular customers that perform minimum 1 transaction every two months